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Hornets Baseball Federation

Michigan Travel Baseball Designed to Teach Kids Proper Mechanics and Positive Hitting Psychology

The Hornets Baseball Federation will hold 15U private tryouts for 2024 only.  We will finalize our roster by the end of July 2023.  Email us at or visit our Facebook page and direct message us.

After a very strong 2023 season, this 5th year team will be moving up to compete against top competition only.   We are looking for strong pitchers that can go deep into games and hitters with aggressive swings.  If you feel like you can help a very competitive team, contact us.

We will work out inside from Nov or Dec thru Feb, and resume with a couple outdoor practices after high school.  We will compete in Perfect Game, TBR, etc., looking for about 6 high level tournaments from June thru July.

Coaches Backgrounds

Anthony DiCicco, Head Coach (Since 11U)

Decades of experience as both a player and coach.  From 11-18, played AABC travel baseball on the highest of caliber teams out of Michigan.  AABC was the program back then, USSSA was only softball.  Teams such as Stitt Post 232, Westland Federation, and NFWB to name a few. Competing on a National level and receiving multiple offers from D2 and D3 colleges.  Offered to play in junior Olympics in Japan.  Trained for 3 consecutive years at the Doyle Baseball School.  The Doyle school was used by many college coaches to recruit talent.  Some college scholarship offers were based on Doyle grading scales alone.  Coaches trusted the school so much, some picked their entire teams right from the Doyle database.  Doyle techniques will be taught to all players with added adjustments acknowledging new methodologies.  We will break down the swing into 3 stages, and hitters will be taught proper mechanics in several practices.  The Doyle brothers were the most important baseball people that ever touched Anthony's life.

After being burned out from baseball, competitive softball with USSSA was discovered.  Spending 15 years competing on the national level with teams such as JD's Rage, Detroit Phillies, Pro Glass, Budha's Closet just to name a few.  Finished top 10 at world tournaments with more than 200 teams in each from all over the united states more than 5 times, top 20 about 10 times.  In 2001, played for JD's Rage which was ranked in the top 20 in the entire country.  This team and many he played on, were built from hard ball players transitioning to competitive USSSA Softball.

Anthony spent most of his life on the diamond.  Many of his teammates played at various college and pro levels.  Even in softball, he had the privilege of playing with former AAA players and even one that made it to the MLB.

He has a lot to teach fundamentally.  More importantly, Anthony understands the line between too serious and keeping it fun.  Teaching positive psychology is the most important goal.   An example of that is hitters have hit zones, pitchers have strike zones.  We don't get upset with hitters for swinging at pitches well out of the strike zone.  We do try to tell them to let their bodies hold up the swing if it is not in their hit zone.  This leads to more aggressive hitters long-term.  They will learn in time to hold off on the bad pitches.  However, they will be trained to think hit, hold off if needed rather than looking for a pitch to hit.  Again, all Doyle psychology leading to more aggressive and confident hitters.

Some of our assistant coaches are probably even more qualified.  The coaching staff will work as a unit, not an individual.  Relying on each of their backgrounds.

John DiCicco, Assistant Coach


Player History:

•1968 Cooley High School, All City Short Stop, Class A, Captain of the team

•1969 Cooley High School, All City 2nd Baseman, Class A, Captain of the team

•Played 7 years of Travel Baseball, NABF

•Played for the 5th Army Post Team in Fort Carson, CO

•Played in Alaska Fort Wain Right Army Post– Fairbanks, Alaska

•1988 /MVP of State Championship at Liberty Park

•4 Time State Champion

  • 1987 Canton Softball Center, Men’s D

  • 1988 Liberty Park, Men’s D

  • 1995 Rotunda Fields, Men’s 35 & Over

  • 1996 Rotunda Fields, Men’s 35 & Over

•2000 State Championship Runner Up, 40 & Over

•2003 Inducted into the USSSA Softball Hall of Fame

•Too many tournament wins to put on record, over 30 years in the USSSA-ASA-NSA

•Men’s 35 & Over World Tournament, Dayton Beach, 3rd Place

•2005 World Series Champions, Men’s 55 & Over – SSUSA

•2005 World Series Runner Up, Men’s 50 & Over – SSUSA

•Was Top 4, 5 times in Men’s 40 & Over World Tournament (Lexington, South Carolina. Hutchison, KS. Kettering, MD. Panama City Beach, FL. Cocoa Beach, FL.)


Hardball Manager History:

•Started a Travel Team in 1987, Coached teams until 1993. Many players went on to play college baseball.

•1989 NABF State Champions

•1989 NABF World Series Runner Up

•1990 AABC Mayor’s Invitational Champions, Battle Creek (Crestwood Big Bill’s)

•1990 AABC District Champions (Crestwood Big Bill’s)

•1990 AABC Memorial Day Sandy Koufax Tournament Champions, Sterling Heights (Crestwood Big Bill’s)

•1991 AABC Butler, PA Champions (Stitt Post 232)

•1991 AAU 15 & Under National Tournament Runner Up - Blaine, MN (Stitt Post 232)

•1991 AABC District Champions, Mickey Mantle (Stitt Post 232)

•1991 AABC 3rd Place State Championship – Cold Water, MI (Stitt Post 232)

•1991 AABC Mayor’s Invitational Runner Up – Battle Creek, MI (Stitt Post 232)

•1992 AABC Westland Baseball Federation, 3rd Place, Jefferson City, TN


Softball Manager History:

•Started Coaching Softball. After their baseball days, some players followed John to USSSA Tournament Softball.

•Too many tournament wins to put on record. Top 10 several times in Men’s D World Tournament with over 250 teams competing.

•2001 National Invitation Tournament Champions – Sylvania, OH

•2002 State Champions, USSSA

•2002 USSSA World Championship 4th place, Over 225 Teams

•Team was winner of over 25 USSSA Tournaments in Michigan and out of State

*** We have since added a few other coaches.  They have done a great job with the player development.  Coach Cody Campbell is young and connects with the players well.  He played with top travel teams and had several college offers before throwing his arm out.  He still pops in the mid to upper 80's today.  Coach Cody will head up the baseball development during the off season.

Coach Buck Miller was drafted by the Tigers and played in their farm system before having arm trouble.  Coach Buck brings a plethora of pitching knowledge and heads up our pitchers among other things.  He's an all around baseball guy.

Between the four coaches, all played serious high level ball, all are passionate, and you aren't going to find better.  Plus, we all do it for free!

The worst thing a little league coach can tell a hitter is to "keep that back elbow up"!  This is 100% incorrect.

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Hornets Baseball Federation

Livonia, MI, USA

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