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Michigan Youth Travel Baseball Tryouts will be held in Livonia, MI.

All Surrounding Cities Welcome...

Tryouts for 2021 are Happening Soon!  We will announce dates after our 2020 tournament season ends the weekend of August 15th.

Are you looking for a place to play some good travel baseball in 2021? We as an organization are looking heavy into Cooperstown for our 12U team(s) in 2021. We will hold tryouts, but not until late August, potentially even through early Winter. We are not sure how many teams we will have, but it depends on player interest. We will play tournaments only in 2021. Anyone interested should send us an email so we have your contact info when we start looking for players in 2021. We will announce tryouts after our season ends mid-August. Send emails to and we will contact you once we have tryout dates set.

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The Hornets Baseball Federation is welcoming players from all over Southeastern Michigan.  Our practices will be in Livonia for the 2021 season.  We are seeking 12U players for the 2021 season.  We may be looking to start other age groups.  All interested coaches should contact us.  Age cut-off is April 30,.  The following cities are just some of the cities we welcome to tryouts:

Allen Park * Ann Arbor * Beverly Hills * Bingham Farms * Birmingham * Bloomfield Hills * Bloomfield Township * Canton * Clinton Township * Dearborn * Dearborn Heights * Detroit * Farmington * Farmington Hills * Ferndale * Garden City * Highland * Highland Park * Inkster * Livonia * Macomb * Madison Heights * Milford * Monroe * Mount Clemens * Northville * Novi * Orchard Lake * Pinckney * Plymouth * Redford * Riverview * Rochester * Rochester Hills * Romulus * Royal Oak * Salem * Saline * South Lyon * Southfield * Southgate * Taylor * Trenton * Troy * Walled Lake * Warren * Wayne * West Bloomfield * Westland * White Lake * Whitmore Lake * Wixom * Woodhaven * Wyandotte * Ypsilanti

Tips for Tryouts & What to Expect:

Don't be late!  If you are serious, let us know.  We plan on having a variety of players from just looking to seriously wanting to play for the Hornets.  We want the serious, committed ones! 

Listen at all times.  We are looking for coach-able kids.  The ones that can take what we teach and execute.  We want hard workers, willing to go the extra mile.  We want kids that love to play baseball.

What to Expect:

We will want to see you run down a variety of fly balls.  We can teach you how to properly run back on balls, but it will help if you have already dropped the back-peddle game from your approach.  Charge ground balls or base hits.

Fielding mechanics on ground balls.  The head coach was a middle infielder (SS / 2B) and could play both sides of the bag.  Two of the other coaches also played SS / 2B.  Any SS or 2B on this team will be taught proper mechanics and footwork around the bag.  Mechanics can be taught, but one thing that will stand out is smooth, soft hands.  Treat the ball like an egg.  Receive it, protect it, cover it, cradle it.  Soft hands on ground balls!  Above all, this can be taught! We will spot potential.

We will be looking for arm strength across the diamond from the left side of the infield, and we will look for arm strength from right field throwing to third and home.  That does not mean there is not a spot on the team for your child if he does not throw bullets from short.  It does mean he may be better suited for a different position, at this time.

We will be looking for base-running speed!  We will watch kids lead off from first, and go hard from first to third.  Some tips if your coaches have not taught you properly, take a slow, calculated lead-off.  Never take your eyes off the pitcher.  Watch some videos online if you are unsure.  A pitcher will be on the mound, going through the motions to see how you move on the lead-off.   If you are moving fast and hopping, any pitcher can be taught to pick you off. We can teach proper lead-offs, but it shows us who has a leg up on base running fundamentals.  When you round second, take the angle properly to cut your turns.  Don't take huge wide turns.  Again, we will spot potential and it’s nothing we can’t teach.

We need pitching!  The players trying out for pitching, will throw to the kids that are trying out as catchers.  We will evaluate both pitchers and catchers at that time.  Catchers should be ready to work hard on blocking balls.  Make good solid throws back to the pitcher.  There is nothing more aggravating to a pitcher and coaching staff than a catcher who makes a pitcher work extra hard between pitches.  Pitchers, work on mechanics.  Reach back, follow through.  We are looking for accuracy and speed.  We can teach mechanics if a kid shows us he has a strong arm.

If we have time, the catchers will catch 2-3 balls each from a coach on the mound, a runner will steal and the catcher will attempt to throw him out.  We will be looking for both release time and arm strength.  Coaches may lay down bunt simulations to see how fast a catcher hops on a ball and throws down to first.  We may have popup simulations for catchers.

Each hitter will get the same amount of pitches.  Don't be discouraged if you swing and miss, even at all of them.  We are looking at hitting stances, weight, triggers (load), front foot, back foot, head on the ball, bat speed, hips, etc.  Swing at anything you can potentially hit.  We can spot good swings.


Above all, just come and have fun.  We don't expect the kids to know all the correct mechanics.  There are a lot of little things we will each notice.  We will spot potential.

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